DS-86 Non Receipt Of Passport

The DS-86 is a passport form that is submitted when an applicant does not receive their passport. If you submit the DS-86 passport form, your passport will be considered invalidated. You will need to apply for a new passport.

A United States citizen may not normally bear more than one valid or potentially valid passport book and one valid passport card at a time. The information you provide on the DS-86, Statement of Non-Receipt of a Passport, will be placed into the Consular Lost or Stolen Passport System. This system is designed to prevent the misuse of your U.S. passport. Anyone using the passport book or passport card reported on the DS-86, including yourself, may be detained upon entry into the United States. Should you locate the passport you reported as non-received at a later time, report it as found and submit it for cancellation. It has been invalidated. You may not use that passport for travel.

You can download the DS-86 form here.